Saturday, March 21, 2009

Real Letters

I sat down tonight and thought, "Oh, I'll write my Aunt Dorothy a letter."

She died a couple months ago, but the desire to write her remains.

I usually wrote her once a month - placing some bougainvillea in the envelope to brighten her long Iowa winters. Dort was the only person I wrote REAL letters. She was the last person I knew without email or a facebook account, without a cell phone or fax, blackberry or iphone.

I miss the ritual of sitting down, looking through my stationary, finding a good, black writing pen and telling her what my little hellion Froggy has been up to. Something is missing in the technologically improved letter, the email and text, yes even the blog. The ritual, like the sacrament or kneeling, bowing one's head is lost in the flickering screen-- that tradition of pink stationary, a pressed flower, and words written by hand, just can not be replicated in our cyberworld.

With Aunt Dort's passing, also went my reason for sitting down, opening up my black box with stationary, and finding the perfect pen to jot down the day for someone I love.


DutchMac said...

I'm with you on that one. Technology is fantastic, but there's nothing that compares to physically holding a pen in your hands and watching the ink flow into life. Just the other week, I realized with great sadness that the writing callous on my middle finger has disappeared. I have no idea how long ago that happened. I'm making it a goal to get it back, though. It's ugly, unappealing, and such a beautiful badge of pride that I can't wait to see it return.

Keep up the REAL writing somehow, little miss. It really is something to treasure.

Anonymous said...

i sooo agree with you froggy mama! i love fine stationary and writing letters and sending them snail mail. you've inspired me to pick up my pen, dig through my box and get going. jcn

Rach said...

I swear, your writing never ceases to amaze.

Anonymous said...

You can still write to your technology-challenged Grammie