Thursday, April 16, 2009

CF Stuff

Thank you CF moms/dads/grandmas for your help with our long treatments. We just received a new nebulizer compressor and it's speeding up treatments considerably. Woo hoo.

As a CF mama I'm always looking for snacks/foods with super high calorie and fat content. Yesterday Froggy gobbled up a granola bar that a friend brought over. So off to the store I went looking for the granola bar with uber calories. In our non-fat obsessed world, it is really difficult finding anything snacky with fat in it, unless you go the junkfood route. So there I am standing in the cereal aisle spending fifteen minutes trying to find a granola bar that isn't low-cal. I finally found it "Quaker Chewy Granola - Fiber and Omega 3 bar" 150 calories (the other were 80 or 100)! I shouted outloud "Yes, more calories!!!" -- provoking some strange looks. So a granola bar with her supplemented milk makes for good high-cal snack! And I told her it's a candy bar, which sounds so much more exciting than "boring granola".

I'm always looking for snacks/foods that a picky toddler will eat that is high in fat/calories. So suggestions would be great!


DutchMac said...

Wow, that's got to be a tough combination to find, high fat and HEALTHY, as well as preschooler-friendly. I suppose that means avocado, salmon, and olive oil are out? That leaves nuts. Hmmm....

What about sandwiches made from tortillas instead of bread? I know there's more fat in tortillas, and LC loves the fun of getting to put on his own shredded cheese, ham, spreading peanut butter, etc, then rolling it up himself. Maybe getting Froggy involved in making her own tortilla sandwiches could sneak in extra fat and calories while still being fun for her?

Good luck with this, and be sure to let us know when you find things that work!

Beverly said...

Have you looked for or used yogurt that has high fat content. David and Sabrina found a brand in the whole food section that comes from Canada. Ella eats it very well. One day when I was here, I licked the spoon that I had used for putting it into a bowl, and I thought I had died and gone to ehaven. It was SO rich and creamy.

I'm glad you got a new apparatus for Froggy's treatments.

Anonymous said...

Here are some things we do to get extra calories into Isabelle.
1. LaCreme Yogurt
2. Pediasure with Duocal and 1tbs of heavy cream
3. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
4. Fiber One Shredded Wheat with a little heavy cream on it.
5. Veggies dipped in ranch dressing
6. Fiber One toaster pastries

I will let you know if I think of anything else. I also just found a high fiber drink mix made by All Bran. It kind of tastes like Crystal Lite. You mix it with 2 cups of water and it has 10grams of fiber.


Anonymous said...

I remember getting the giggles in the aisle of the grocery store trying to find the highest calorie soups and wonder what the clerks must think with all the high fat and calorie items I have in my cart.

Max is such a picky eater that it's almost impossible to sneak butter onto his sandwiches or pancakes or olive oil to his pasta. Doesn't like dipping his food in anything except ketchup. And he'd prefer drinking our skim milk to his fully loaded whole milk w/cream or carnation instant breakfast. He's going to be "that kid" who goes over to the neighbors to beg for carrot sticks instead of junk food or candy.

I LOVE the greek style yogurt, but of course Max prefers the bright colors and packaging of trix or gogurt. I used to stir in some cream, but he's caught on. There are also some new Quaker oat bars with dark chocolate, coconut, banana -- select something... that have a higher caloric content.

I do by peanuts by the 3 pound can at Sam's club. And we go thru a jar or two of sunflower nuts each week. Problem with Max is if I find something he likes and buy in bulk, he decides in a few days or weeks that he doesn't LIKE it anymore. And my husband and I sure as heck don't need the extra calories and fat. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Oh and GREAT news about the compressor! We're back on Tobi and it's running about 25 minutes, but I'm pretty sure I need to change the filter on the pari.