Saturday, April 18, 2009

A very naughty Froggyism

This morning we made french toast and eggs. I'm not a great cook, but turns out Froggy is. It was delicioso!!!

After breakfast I gave her a milk/supplement. She was sitting on the sofa watching "Curious George," finished her milk and couldn't reach the table to place the milk on it. I'm in the kitchen doing dishes and I hear, "Mama, mama, mama help." Assuming she's on fire or a cougar just ran into our livingroom, I rush out to find the problem. There she is on the sofa reaching her milk out trying to put it on the table without getting up.

Irritated, and hands dripping with soap suds, I say, "Froggy, what is the matter?"

She replies, "I can't reach!" And at this point she's really stretching hard for dramatic affect.

"So get off your lazy bones and walk over to the table," I say. Then I finish with a very motherly expression heard by every kid since the beginning of time, "I'm not your slave, ya know!"

And Froggy being Froggy said, "Yes you are. You're my slave."

Well atleast we cleared the air. Now I know my place.

Tomorrow she's getting a breakfast bar.


DutchMac said...

It is SO nice to hear other moms get this treatment too! LC's favorite is to scream for us to come rip off toilet paper for him ... when the roll is two inches in front of his fingers.

Opportunistic little buggers, aren't they? Lucky for them they're so cute.

Angela said...

Delicioso! Another Dora/Diego fan, I presume?

Have a good weekend slave woman. Haaaaa. The term I always use is "maid," as in, "Hey, I'm not your MAID." I annoy myself when I say that.

jessicagv said...


I once said "Does it look like i have MAID written on my forehead?"

My son looked at me and said "Wait one sec. i go get my crayons!"


MONSTER said...

Sounds familiar.

I hear, "you do it" a lot. WTF?!!! Am I your factotum?

Lydia said...

Lol! I laughed so hard. That's very funny! My son gets smart sometimes too. I always say, "I'm not your slave" and he things its funny to say, "Oh ... I think you are mommy."

I got my monthly bill from the CF Services Pharmacy and saw Froggy today! Congrats in the big help for CF! I thought what you wrote was great!