Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Froggy Party in the Trees

How many birthday parties can one Froggy have? Four for a four year old!

We had her big family/friends bash at our favorite hiking spot. It was a great day. Who says you need bouncy houses and ponies? Kids need trees, dirt and cupcakes.

I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that my BABY is 4!!! When did this happen?


DutchMac said...

I am soooooo in agreement with you on the 'easy party' thing! And when nature gets to be combined in the plans, even better.

Happy Birthday, Froggy....again!

Casey said...

Looks like fun!

Hey - will you email me when you have a chance? I lost your email when my harddrive crashed.

Azer's Mom said...

Wow! You have a lot going on now! Happy Belated Birthday to little froggy, and wow ... preschool already?

I climbed a tree two weeks ago and got bit by an ant 3 times. Lol.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to Froggy!! Love the low-key party idea!