Monday, December 14, 2009


Tomorrow morning it will be 5 degrees. The wind chill...get ready.... twenty below zero. I've lived in LA so long, I forgot what it feels like to have your nostrils freeze together. Ahhhh good times!

Froggy LOVES the cold. She boasted to her Papa that she never, never, never (nine nevers) gets cold. As we speak she's running around the house sans clothes. What a weirdo. I predict she'll be one of those crazy people who does polar plunges. Not me. I'm in layers with wool socks and have been turning the heat up at least one degree everyday we've been here.

As we exited the airport Friday, Froggy was amazed to actually SEE her breath. We built a snow man, had a snow ball fight (Froggy won), made snow angels, hit the Science Center, drank hot toddies, Mom made a roast, visited Grammy, and it's only Monday. Whew.

Auntie Honka and I are driving to Iowa City tomorrow to visit our old college town. GO HAWKS!!! Froggy will stay with Grandma and Papa while we hit our old haunts for some music, cheese bread from the Old Mill and hopefully some local music. Even in zero degrees, we're feeling the warmth of family. I know... I know... schmaltzy.


Infidel Rooster said...

I'm going to miss the real winter weather this year. Glad someone somewhere is enjoying (That would be Froggy)

Anonymous said...

Max is the same way. While I'm wearing slippers & sweaters, first thing he does when he gets home is takes off his pants, shoes and socks. Brr! Loves the cold and I LOVE that both his school & daycare take them sledding and out for walks in the winter so he gets fresh air (and so I don't have to go out and freeze my butt off -- shhh!)

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I'll forward you my hot buttered rum recipe on FB.

Liza aka Ratatosk

Anonymous said...

fun fun! enjoy!! jcn

T-Rex said...

i love it!
enjoy your family time in the tundra :)
say merry christmas to everyone from me!

Anonymous said...

It sounds absolutely idyllic!

Glad that you are having such a wonderful time! :-)


Mieke said...


Azer's Mom said...

Lol .. schmaltzy. Sounds like one of those Christmas card perfect type happy times. Seems like ya'll really need that.

Lol .. I grew up in New Englad, so I know what REAL cold used to be. My husband is cold all the time, when it gets down to about 60 something degrees. Someday I'll take the kids up North so they can see what snow really looks like.

Have a great Christmas FD!