Saturday, March 06, 2010


A couple weeks ago we spent the night in San Diego and hit Sea World. I told Froggy we were staying in a hotel with a pool. She said, "Yay, do we get to wear our zuchinis?" I believe she meant bikinis. And thanks to her, this mama will never again wear a zuchini.

Froggy's first joke: The watch that I got for Christmas has a crack in it... That cracks me up.

While on a walk, we ran into two friendly neighborhood dogs. Their names are Mia and Blake, but Froggy calls them Mia and Flake. I told the doggy owner and she said Flake is so much better, she's going to start calling him that too.

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Azer's Mom said...


Long gone are Zucchini days... well, you made a good trade for it, wouldn't you say?