Monday, March 22, 2010

Hospital Pictures

Just after.

Day one - lots of morphine.


Lots of snuggles.

Doggy visit. They have the same hair!

First feed at home.


ferfischer said...

awwww. i hope she's recovering quickly! we have the same pump as you! :)

Azer's Mom said...

Does she seem to be absorbing the tube feedings? What is it like turning the tube ... does it hurt?

Froggymama said...

She seems to be absorbing okay. She's a little gassy and we relieve it by venting her tube. And yep it hurts a little to turn it. But she's getting used to it. I think in a few more days it will be old hat!

Azer's Mom said...

Good to hear!

Infidel Rooster said...

Hey FM, sorry I've been absent for more than a long time. I see you all have been running the gamut. It sounds like things are going relatively alright though, so I'm happy for you all.

I've been crazy busy as well--got a kidney transplant just a couple of days before Christmas, was in the hospital a week, then they finally let me out so I could get home and start doing my own rehab.
Got all my stuff for school lined up and taken care of as well, so I'm going back to finish my biology degree. Basically I've just been going non-stop. Too much to put down here.
But thanks for the comment, it was a nice reminder of the bigger world.
I'll try and get back to posting now that things are slowing somewhat.

Hope you all continue to stay ahead of things.


tdraxler said...

Hi Elise -

I just wanted to mention something that we did in Emily's room that you may want to keep in mind for "down the road."

As she reached an age where she started to have friends over to play in her room, or just started spending more time in there by herself, I wanted to get rid of the IV pole to hold the pump and bag. So, we mounted a hook (white ceramic coat-hook type) on the wall and hung a small decorative shelf below it. The pump sits on the shelf and the bag hangs from the hook. It works out great, and now I am no longer stubbing my toe on the damn wheel on the IV pole. When the bag is not hanging there, you can't even see the hook, and the shelf blends in...we were very happy with our idea!

Glad that Froggy is taking it all in stride. You will LOVE the button when she gets it. It makes life so much easier. Hang in there and e-mail any questions that you may have.