Monday, December 04, 2006

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Saturday, our lovely friend "J" came over for breakfast. Froggydaddy made blueberry pancakes and bacon. Mmmmm...bacon.

After filling up on our super healthy breakfast, we walked to the tree lot at the end of the street. I prefer the tacky "x-mas tree" lots with their string-of-lights, and transient lumberjacks, to the natural setting, where you pick out a sapling amongst the rest, to be butchered for your holiday amusement.

It's the same reason I would rather pick out a steak at the grocery store, rather than the farm. The distance the middleman brings is just enough space to relieve my guilt. And Christmas isn't about guilt, it's about birth, a new beginning.

The "x-mas" trees are wrapped in twine, attached to a make-shift stand, sitting in a lot in the middle of the city, as if they had sprung up through the cement, with the sole purpose of sitting in our living room with a blue felt star and homemade decorations.

I love that we get to share our tacky traditions with Froggy and someday she will appreciate the kitchy joys of an x-mas tree lot, and decorating the house while listening to Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby".


J Asher said...

I'm glad you got your tree - ours is a little bit "Charlie Brownish" too, but we LOVE it! Once the lights went on, they haven't been off since!
Thank you for sending me your link - I thoroughly enjoy reading it - your talent and your love touches my heart!

monika said...

Love your tree!

Froggymama said...

Thanks J. And thanks for a great day. I think the babies had a ball. Froggy fell asleep at 6:30pm, an hour earlier than usual.