Sunday, December 31, 2006

Froggy's First Snow

I feel like the staypuff marshmallow.

Is this why we live in California, Mommy?

Cousin Ruby loves the snow!

Snow, snow, I love to eat snow.

Iowa in winter without a blanket of snow is pretty depressing. It reminds me of a Dicken's novel. But tonight, as we were celebrating New Year's Eve, it began to snow! Froggy, Aunt Arctica, Ruby (the puppy) and Cousin Pee Wee and I ran outside to experience the babies' first snow.

Froggy blinked a lot and looked up at me like, "This is nuts!." Ruby ran around in circles and ate the snow like it was Kibble. And we stood outside for a total of three minutes before Froggymama was ready to go inside for Hot Buttered Rum, courtesy of aunt "B". Yum. It's like dessert that gives you a buzz. What could be better than that?

Check out the next to last picture: The tree with a single leaf clinging to it's branches - like a symbol of hope. All the other leaves have fallen, but this one just hasn't quite accepted the idea of winter. Sometimes I feel like that, holding onto the tree for dear life, waiting for Spring.

Happy New Year everyone. Cheers to Peace, Love and Hope for us all.

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Mieke said...

Yeah Snow. I hope you have a big snow storm before you head home. When are you heading home? I have books and books and books for you.