Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stranded in Socal

We're still here. We're not supposed to be here. We're supposed to be with family in Iowa.

Tuesday we headed to the airport at 6am, two hours later, we were still in line. Our flight was cancelled because of the Denver blizzard. We booked another flight for today, but most of Colorado is in major snow crisis, and they aren't opening the airport until tomorrow. Even the malls are closed. And you know when they close the malls, it's really bad!

My lovely airline won't answer their phones (can't say I blame them), so we're going to get a refund, hopefully. I booked another flight out, NOT GOING THROUGH DENVER, on Sunday. We won't get into Iowa until late Christmas eve, but it's better than nothing.

Froggydaddy is staying here. Airline tix were horribly expensive, so he'll spend the holidays with Sissy Snuggiekins and her family. The good side of this is we weren't one of the 2,000 people trapped at the Denver airport. Had we left on the 6am flight, we would still be there, sleeping in a terminal, doing Froggy's respiratory treaments in the bathroom. Ick.

I'm so bummed we won't see all the family who will be gone by the time we arrive home. We were really looking forward to it. You're always welcome to fly out here, where the runways are always clear!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh..sorry your travels got messed up! That happened to me last year, cut my trip in half, which wasn't long to begin with. I can sympathize. However, had my travels not been messed up, I would not have run into you, scott and froggybaby on our connection from phoenix->DSM! :) I hope that something good like that happens to you that wouldn't have happened if they had not canceled your flight. Happy Holidays to you all!! ~tina