Sunday, January 14, 2007

Froggy Smooches

Oh Grandpa J, you are soooo funny. Now, let me at that mustache!
When I'm your age, will I have facial hair?

This picture was post-accident. She was walking with her baby's bottle in her mouth and ran into a box of diapers. Her tooth cut her lip and she was bleeding, and screaming. Poor thing. But she settled down when I put on Sesame Street. My kisses and loving were nothing compared to Elmo. I swear he's the baby whisperer.

Now drink your bottle and go to bed.

This baby has toes, just like me! I wonder if they taste as good as mine.

This Froggymama is too tired to write. But I wanted to post some pics of our sweet girl. She is delightful, funny and sweet. And those lips are sooooo kissable. Everyday, I must kiss them a thousand times. She looks at me like, "ohhhh, not again," but I can't help it. They call out to me, "SMOOOOCHH MEEEE! SMOOOOOCHH ME!!!!" So I do.

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