Friday, January 19, 2007

Hello? Hello? Anybody there?

Hellooooooo, Papa? Papa?

You may find this next blog boring unless you are:

a. related to us,
b. have no life
c. your favorite tv shows are America's Funniest Home Videos, Full House or Touched by an Angel, and you're totally desensitised to cheese.
d) all of the above.

Froggy update:
16 months, 11 days, 6 hours old.
21 lbs (10th percentile)
30 inches (above 25th percentile)
Four teeth on the top
Three teeth on the bottom and one more coming in (thus sleepless nights and lots of Motrin)

Froggy talks on the phone now, and mimics my conversations with "mmmhmmms, and, gackka kanockanock." Her expressions are hilarious, as she pretend-hears the other end of the conversation and either agrees with pleasant 'aaahaaaas' or disagrees with a phone slammed on the floor and an "uh oh" or sometime she reverses it and it's an "oh uh" or is clearly disappointed with whatever the pretend person just said, and utters a futile, "uh."

But the other day when her Papa Gus was talking to her, she said "Papa!" Grandma is a little jealous, so I wouldn't bring it up.
And today, around the time Daddy usually comes home, Froggy went to the door, knocked on it and said, "Hi, Daddy?"

She is struggling to communicate every idea that comes into her head, and I can see the frustration she feels without language comprehension. I've taught her a few signs, but she's started creating her own, and I have no idea what they mean. I think when she points at me - it means, "mom, give me cheese," and when she pats my leg it means, "ahhh, I love my moms," and when she pokes my bellybutton, she's really saying, "time to lay off the Rocky Road, lady."
See, I told you it was only cute, if you love us already!

Did I mention Froggy is totally brilliant? Here are some great steps she's taken on her path to enlightenment, or preschool, whatever.

Actually, I'll let her tell you. She's way funnier than me.

Froggy here. Mom let me stay up late, so I could write her blog. How's that for bad parenting, whew!

So, you wanna know all the cute stuff I'm doing?

I'm totally walking now. I know, I took my time before giving up my super-crawl-moves! But I'm a Virgo, and that means I must master the old before learning the new.
I'm such a girl. Mom's a little worried because she's more of a hiker than a shopper. But I loves me some shoes, let me tell you. Yesterday, when we met 'Gorgeous Hair' for coffee, I could not get over her shoes and had to touch them. Mom's slippers are my fav. I put a hand in each one and polish the floors.

I also inherited Mom's clean gene. When she dusts, I take a baby wipe and clean the floors, my toy car, my baby's face. And I'm a big help with the laundry. When Mommy folds something, I unfold it for her, and throw it on the floor. I think that's how it works, right?

One of my favorite things to do is put on jewelry. Mom has this tacky red necklace, that she bought from "Forever 21", for $3.99. Who is she kidding, she'll be 30 this June! Anyway, it's awesome and I wear it around the house all day, and her butterfly scarf. Today, when Mommy took my shirt off because I smeared avocado all over it, I put on my necklace and scarf on and walked around the house naked, but with a little bling, bling. I am all about accessories.

I can sing Old McDonald, okay, I can't really sing it, but I chime in with the "eeeiiiieeeeiiioooooo".

Pigs are one of my favorite animals, because they snort, and I love to snort. Whenever I see a pig in a book, or when Mommy hits the Rocky Road, I snort, snort, snort!!!
Oh man, I am so cute. This could go on forever.

Mommy chases me around the house, while I play my Kazoo or harmonica. I'm a big music lover, and my favorite is U2 right now. Mommy listens to NPR news and it is soooo boring, but sometimes she puts on music instead and I rock out baby!!!

I'm teething big time and waking up a lot during the night. Two nights ago I was up from 2-5am, and finally snuggled under Daddy's chin, my favorite snuggle spot - when he shaves!
My best friend is my blanket, Lambie, who I call Mimi. Mom bought me a generic Lambie at Target the other day and tried to pass him off as the original during nap time. I didn't fall for it, and screamed. Lambie was in the wash, and it was traumatic, I tell you. How dare they clean my stinky, milk-smelling Mimi!

Usually I call my mom, Eeessss, but she prefers Mom, so I humor her. Daddy is the funniest man alive and makes a killer omelet. Buddy and the cats let me pet them, even when I get a little rough. I still love to eat dog food and everyday Mommy makes me spit out a few kernels.
If you've made it this far, you are a true Froggy Fan! Peace.


froggyaunt said...

It's a family thing. Mimi is what S called his blanket. I have saved the shreds upstairs in the closet. It become so shredded that it ended up with 'tails' that S called his "Mimi pullers!" Those
were the days. Enjoy them. . .when
you get enough sleep, that is. FA

Mieke said...

She is such a girl. It's really amazing how different little girls are from little boys.

We loved seeing you yesterday.

Anonymous said...

no, i don't know you froggy...but enjoy hearing all about you anyway. jcn (mom of a 19 month old and friend of mieke's)

Froggymama said...

Thanks JCN - I'm glad even the "cutsie stuff" isn't too painful for those who don't know us. (in person) Thanks for all your comments. I feel like we already know eachother.

owlhaven said...

What a sweetie-pie!!

Mary, mom to many