Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Froggy Moments

Some adorable Froggy moments, probably only entertaining for the diehard Froggylovers:

Tonight she wanted to be held while I made dinner and it was just an impossible task. As I was about to pry her from my body, she buried her head in my neck and said, "oh honey." So I made the tortellini with one hand.

When Froggy sneezes, she says, "bless you," to herself. If she sneezes twice, she says 'bless you' twice.

While making lunch, Buddy comes running into the kitchen, desperately trying to escape our puppy-crazed baby who is smacking him around while shouting, "good boy Buddy, good boy Buddy!"

Mommy: Froggy, what's the kitty say?

Froggy: Meow. Meow, meoooowwww.

Mommy: What's the owl say?

Froggy: Hoo, hoo.

Mommy: What's the wolf say?

Froggy: Woof, hooowwwwwwl!

Mommy: What's the funny baby say?

Froggy: Ha, ha!

Yesterday, while doing dishes I turned around to see my fearless babe tap-dancing on the kitchen table. When I approached with a serious mommy-face, she picked up an avocado, held it up and said, "Cado?" The little stinker changed tactics and it threw me. I laughed, forgot about the tapdancing, and now she knows I am so easy.

Froggy is very clean - a typical Virgo. She loves pointing out just how dirty our apartment is, by picking up chunks of cat hair, a piece of cracker, or fuzzy, handing it to me and saying, "ewwww," very knowingly like, "I just thought you should be aware of the fact that you're raising a child in this mess. Get the broom lady, and get busy."

Froggy can count to three and she likes saying that she has two eyes, and two ears, and two knees. She has three lambie blankets and when they're all together, she says, "one, two, free mimi's." She's a genius right? It's not just because I'm her mom?

Last night, Froggy woke up, sat straight up in bed, and said, "Elmo," and went back to sleep. She was dreaming about Elmo. I love that.

FD has a pair of dress shoes. It's his only pair, and he's never worn them in front of her. Froggy put both feet in them and said, "papa!" She equated dress shoes with my dad, the only guy she's ever seen not wearing sneakers or sandals. And we haven't been in Iowa since March. The fact that she made this connection blew me away.

Froggy tried putting a leash on Buddy, and when he ran away, she said, "c'mer Buddy, c'mer." And after our walk, when Buddy refused to walk up the stairs to our apt, Froggy looked Buddy right in the eyes, slapped her leg and said, "COME BUYYEEE, COME!" It was so bossy and was one of those moments when I saw her as a mini-me. A mini-bossy-mama. Uh, oh.

The other day, FD was giving me a hug and Froggy pried us apart and said, "my mommy." I guess Freud was wrong.

And lastly, Froggy had her first full-throttle toddler tantrum. She was in the stroller and wanted to walk. Usually I let her, but with the dog and stroller, I couldn't handle her wandering ways. So she wailed for ten minutes, her body arched over the side, hysterically sobbing and saying, "walk, walk, walk." Grandma W mentioned about a week ago that we should get one of those kid-leashes, and FD was opposed, saying that it wasn't natural for a child to be on a leash, and psychologically, what would that do to her? She wouldn't learn boundaries naturally, but would rely on a leash to hold her back from things, like a dog. When we returned from the miserable walk, I found Froggy face down in the dog's water, lapping it up like a puppy. Maybe FD's right. She's already waaaay to close to the animals, and a leash might seal the deal on her obsession to join the pack and become a Pomeranian.


T-Rex said...

ha! i love the froggyisms!!
i can hear her saying "bless you" and "cado" in her sweet little voice as i was reading.

having gone on a walk with you two weekends ago...i don't blame you for not letting her out of the stroller..that girl is NOT a slowsky and has boundless energy and curiosity.

miss you guys! :)

Froggymama said...

btw, I'm getting the leash anyway! T-rex, we miss you too. It was wonderful having you here and Froggy loves you so much!

The DutchMac Tribe said...

I feel your pain on the tantrums, Mama! Yesterday I was ready to trade Little Cub in for a new model, as the one I got is CLEARLY defective. Like your 'cado' story, there are times I tell him it's a good thing he's beautiful 'cause in the moment, it's the only redeeming quality to be found. :-)

Can't wait to see a picture of the little amphibian on a leash!

Casey said...

I love, love, love this list!!!

Anonymous said...

great quotes! jcn