Thursday, September 13, 2007

Froggy's Birthday Party!

Chaos with wrapping!

A lovely dinner!

Froggy playing with one of her favorite presents, a rubber froggy.
Ohhhhhh, the presents. Clothes, toys and books, oh my!
It was all too much for the Froggy Princess. She had to take a cheerios rest.
Great-Grandma "B" was born on September 8th too! Froggy and I planned it that way, ya know. We wanted her to arrive on a day when an important, strong, smart woman was born!

Cousin T-rey, Grandpa J, and a friend of the family "P".
And it just wouldn't be a party without Froggy's best friend "Hummingbird". Her grandparents were so kind to drive all the way to the mountains for the party, even though they live just down the street. Froggy was thrilled when her best-bud showed up and jumped up and down and screamed!
The birthday cupcake after a lick!

Singing Happy Birthday! Froggy was stunned during the song, but clapped wildly after!

Grandma Hummingbird and Hummingbird, sporting Froggy's princess shoes.
The neighbor boys and Froggy trying out the noisemakers. Yep, they work!

Auntie Gorgeous Hair posing with the Princess!

Great Grandma "B" sitting at the head of the table.
A family portait. Cute, even though Froggy's grabbing my boob.

Auntie Heder and Froggy in the backyard. They get along great, and both
appreciate the finer things in life, like shoes, jewelry and purses.

Buddy the dog getting ready for the party.

Grandma "W" threw a WONDERFUL party for Froggy and her Great-grandma "B" for their birthdays! The food was amazing, and all we had to do was show up. She took care of everything! How great is that? Why were we so tired afterwards?

It was an ideal toddler birthday. We have the most AMAZING friends and family. I'm always amazed, when I see you all together, how truly wonderful you all are! We are so blessed to have such an intelligent, kind, and loving group of friends and family. Froggy is indeed growing up with love all around her. And for that reason alone, I feel like we're doing something right.

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