Friday, September 21, 2007

Soooooo Much!

Froggy is very excited about her new bike helmet. Grandma and Grandpa bought us the bike seat, so as soon as I fill up my sadly deflated tires, we'll be hitting the trails.

I feel guilty for not posting all of the adorable things Froggy has been saying lately. We've been crazy busy, and with all the birthdays, traveling, health issues, I've been too tired.

But here's a quick update on our ever so exciting lives:

Froggydaddy had a pre-requisite algebra test that he had to take in order to place in the class. If he didn't pass the equivalency test, he wouldn't get into Algebra, and if he didn't get the class, he wouldn't be able to apply to the Respiratory Program in the Spring. It was a big deal, a big stressful deal. FD HATES math. It's always been his nemesis, his dragon at the end of the labyrinth. Yes, it was of epic proportions that he pass this test. So after sleepless nights, studying "Algebra for Dummies," taking practice tests, working with a tutor (Hummingbird's Grandma), he PASSED!!! Yeah, and he did so well, he was only a couple points away from passing out of algebra altogether. But we were happy with the results, and he's now trudging through a + b = c. Poor guy. Yesterday he had a word problem and asked for my assistance. It completely brought back those horrible memories of 8th grade, where two trains meet at a station and one of them is late, and there's an oil spill, and one of them explodes, and we're still supposed to know when they would arrive, had they not blown up somewhere near Topeka. Ugh, I looked at him and said, "you're on your own, sorry." A couple minutes later, he said, "it's 66.7 miles." Whew, I'm so glad Froggy isn't taking Algebra, because I would be nooooo help. I'm proud of Froggydadda. This is tough for him, and he's facing it head on and doing well. He's also taking a Respiratory class and Yoga. When he's not studying, he's parking cars at night, to bring in some income. Note to everyone out there: TIP YOUR VALET!!!

Froggy is amazing and hilarious, and NAUGHTY. I don't know where to begin. She's speaking in full sentences now.

When she wants to be held, she says, "Mommy hair-do." I have no idea why. Maybe in Froggy language it's 'mommy, here, do,' as in, 'mommy do as I say?'

Today she poured her water glass onto her food and I said, "Froggy that is not funny!" And then she laughed this maniacal laugh "HAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA!" It was like out of the movie "Chuckie." I couldn't believe it. So of course I started laughing. I know, I know, not a good parenting move.

We've started potty training and it's more difficult than one might think. She prefers to pee on the floor, and she then jumps in her pee pee puddle. I'm trying not to be harsh, and when she pees on the floor, I say, "pee pee in the potty." She completely ignores me, and continues to splash in her own urine. Oh dear. I think I need to read a book on the subject.

We've had a tough month of "I only want my mommy!" If I walk into the kitchen, she sobs like I just told her Barney died. If FD is home, and I take out the garbage, she stands at the door and screams "MAAAAMAAAA!" It's so sad, and I'm flattered that someone could possibly love me this much, but I would really like five minutes without a toddler attached to my leg. And it's tough when FD can't do her resp. treatment, or give her a bath, because she only wants mama.

Tonight, we had two wonderful friends and their son "the Bub" over for dinner. We had salmon with a ginger sauce, couscous, zucchini and garlic, and kale. And the Bub's mom brought a wonderful plum pie. It was heaven, not too sweet, and with a pecan crust. Froggy and the Bub had a great time playing. I wish I'd taken some pictures. Have I ever mentioned that we have WONDERFUL friends?

It's raining and this is the first time in a year that I've heard the sound of pitter pat, pitter pat, clink clink ping. It is music. Finally. I'm off to bed. One of these days, I'll have the time and energy to post all of the adorable Froggyisms.


Anonymous said...

"hold you" I bet that's what she's saying. Mama hold you... because you say "want me to hold you?" So she wants to hold you. (Instead of Hair do) I'm just guessing because I used to say "hodja mama" ...

Froggymama said...

I think you're right!

MONSTER said...

Yeah, I can't believe I didn't take any video of that night {gasp.)

Thanks for hosting us for was SOOOO delicious!

We will have you over very soon.

DutchMac said...

Oh yes, the horrors of potty training. We've done this on and off with Little Cub, but he just plain isn't interested. He knows what to do, does it perfectly, and even CAN tell me in advance when he needs to...he just doesn't care about it. I've read all the tricks of the trade, and none of them work because he's just plain not interested in doing it.

I think we're going to say to H*ll with all the modern-day wisdom, and resort to good old-fashioned bribery. This kid would sell his left arm for chocolate cake, so methinks my mini-muffin pan will be put to good use, and I'll toss him a nugget of toddler-gold for every potty success. Whatever it takes to get the job done ..... he's virtually too big for even the biggest sized diapers already, and this momma's getting desperate! :-)