Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just a good day.

Today was good, really, really good. Do you ever have one of those days, when no one cuts you off in traffic, and your toddler is an angel, and your husband isn't crabby? :) Today was one of those days, and the only description that comes to mind is, really, really, good.

We slept til 8am, did a quick resp. treatment, then had omelettes at our favorite breakfast place. FD and I always get the same thing, The Crazy Jack omelette. It's egg, cheese, avocado, bacon and sprouts. Definitely not low fat, but yum. Froggy was fantastically well-behaved, and entertained herself with Cheerios and crayons. Yes, she ate both. What are you gonna do?

After breakfast and many refills of coffee, we had a leisurely walk through the farmer's market. We bought a coconut and drank the milk (although technically, it's called 'juice' until the coconut matures - so we learned from the very informative coconut man), and after shopping a bit, we came home for a nap. Well, Froggy napped, and I had a meeting with my boss.

Totally last minute, before dinner, we went to a concert in the park and listened to a, well okay, a wedding singer band, but when they played James Brown, Froggy danced her little heart out. She was also thrilled with the hundreds of dogs who joined the party. In LA, parks are so dog-un-friendly, so it was great to see all the purebreds and mutts. And Froggy has no fear, running up to each one. There were a couple times, I almost threw my body in front of her and the more aggressive looking dogs. She hasn't figured out that there's a difference between pomeranians and rotweillers.

After the concert, we had a yummy dinner of leftovers (no cooking for me!), did treatment, read stories and crashed. Then Mommy got to watch "Curb Your Enthusiam" and have a glass of wine. A perfect end to a fun day. Ahhhh, no complaining here.


Casey said...

Yay for perfect days!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i had one too!!!:D

Unknown said...

I love days like that, when everything just falls into place!

Anonymous said...

love it. i wish you had a better episode of curb though. i think this season is so so. (not to take anything away from your awesome day. i'm just saying...) :-) jcn

Froggymama said...

I agree. "Curb" is not great this year, Larry is too mean.

Jack Phillips said...

Well, I'm glad you had a really, really good day. Sometimes with CF looming it is hard to do. I learned a long time ago to enjoy those days as much as possible. Although I can be a crabby husband sometimes. 8-)
Nice Blog btw.
Jack, 32 wcf

ANNA said...

Hey Froggymama, thanks for the comment on my blog - am very naughty and don't look at my blog much these days - too caught up with my latest fun-and-games-on-the-net: Facebook, and Bebo. It's great to find other families living with cf. My lad is so healthy with it and we are really thankful for that - we never let it overshadow our lives and sometimes friends even forget he has it ;) - he has so much energy and verve for life! Keep on keeping on, you have such a gorgeous sparky kid!! Cheers from NZ, Anna