Saturday, December 15, 2007

Go Froggydadda!

FD got an "A" on his Respiratory Therapy final!!!

Woo Hoo! Hooray!

We're waiting to hear about his Algebra final. The poor guy had the flu for both finals. I don't know how he got through them. Please send positive thoughts or prayers that FD passes Algebra. This class has been such a struggle, and he's worked so hard to face his math demons.

This Spring, the actual Respiratory Therapy Program begins. He will have taken all of his prerequisites, pre-Resp. Therapy classes and will have a year and a half left. And that includes his internship in the hospitals.

FD's school only allows a few students into the program each year, and there are a huge number applying. So in your positive thoughts/prayers, please include that he is one of the few accepted into the program! Otherwise, we wait another year! Or spend $30,000 in a private school program. Yikes. And he can't apply to another school in LA, because all Respiratory Programs have completely different pre-requisites. But we're pretty sure he'll be accepted because this picture is on his application. And how could anyone say no to this mug? And most importantly, he has the best reason of anyone to become a therapist - to keep his sweet Froggy healthy!

I am so incredibly proud of FD. He has transformed from the class clown to the ideal student. His reports cards in elementary school used to say, "He makes mouth noises, disrupts others, lacks self control, but is otherwise a pleasure to have in class!" Which is surprisingly what I would say about FD at home. But now, he sits in the front of the class, answers the professor's questions, works with a tutor, and attends all the study groups. This, while working part-time and parenting Froggy. What a guy. WE LOVE YOU FROGGYDADDY!!!


Beverly said...

Congratulations! I'll surely be remembering you in my thoughts and prayers. I wouldn't mind having a respiratory therapist who looked like FD.

Anonymous said...

He's hot! He can therapise my respiratory anyday!
You are a beautiful family, happy holidays!

Froggymama said...

Thanks. I agree.

Anonymous said...

i can totally see froggy in this picture. re school: go froggy daddy go! jcn

goodfellow said...

Wow! Never noticed before, but he looks like Jeffrey Carlson...!

Fingers crossed he'll get in.

Infidel Rooster said...

Hey, FM (&FD if you read these), good luck and wishes for the respiratory program aspirations. My RT's were always a huge part of what made all the hospital visits more than just tolerable. It really sounds like you would bring something invaluable to the field.