Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Iowa in a nutshell...or a cornhusk

I designed this Jack-0-lantern myself.
Not too bad, if I do say so myself.
Guess what I am for Halloween?

A mouse in a house!
Here's Uncle Jiffy Pop (aka Jeffy Gecko) at the zoo with me. We're pretending to be prairie dogs.

A Froggy Mouse and Mama.
Froggy Mouse, Uncle Jiffy Pop and Auntie Honka.

On the zoo train with Mama!

And Mama's Papa!
Me and Papa.

Trick or treat!
Here I am playing Mama's violin!
Canada Geese.

Auntie Honka and I with her pup Ruby!

My Native American name is "Runs with dogs."
Auntie Honka and Ruby playing fetch.
Grandma Sue and Uncle "M" drinking some of his homemade hooch. Not bad, not bad at all.
My crazy family getting a good picture of Cousin E-boy on his 9th birthday! Did they get a good one?
Cousin E-boy playing the nose flute.
Aunt B. aka, "the bad example"

Gigglin' with E-boy.This is Mommy's friend "C". They've been friends since they were campfire girls. Her two boys are pretty stinkin' cute.
Here I am at the Bridges of Madison County. Where's Meryl and Clint?
Auntie Honka, Papa, and Grandma Sue.
Corn. Mmmmm corn.
Crunch, crunch in the leaves.
Buried in corn. Yes, this is entertainment in Iowa. Don't laugh.
Climbing hay. Mama said she used to leap from bale to bale as a kid.

We visited the Howell tree farm.

Is he supposed to eat my finger too?
I love my Papa and Grandma!


Great Grammy!!! She turned 90 in August!
Grandma Sue teaching me how to ride a big girl bike.


Cara said...

Glad to see that you had so much fun! Iowa looks like it is beautiful this time of year!

Casey said...

LOVE all the photos! And what a darling little mouse she makes. :)

Are you home now?

DutchMac said...

Oh, how strange it feels to see pictures of 'home'. Honestly, you were so close to my parents' new house, you could have damn near hit it with the proverbial stone.

So glad for you guys that you got to experience a true Iowa autumn!

Beverly said...

Cute, cute, cute! I'm so glad you had this time togther.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! looks like a great time. jcn

Lydia said...

LOL Did you see her facial expressing when she is sitting with the two boys? Really funny. Probably an accident, but it looks like, "Ugh .. boys ..."

So Cute!