Sunday, October 19, 2008


Froggy and I arrived in Iowa Saturday.

I probably won't post pics until we return on the 27th. The fall foliage is incredible. Today we went to a farm where Froggy fed goats and chickens, played in a big corn box (it's like a sand box but with corn). And then drove to Winterset, where "The Bridges of Madison County" was filmed.

As always, we're having a great time. Froggy loves being the center of everyone's life here. And I love getting a break! In the morning, we'll take a long walk down my parents' road, where I hope to get some incredible pictures of the Frog in Foliage.

Miss you Froggydadda. Don't forget to feed the cats. -- Whenever we leave, FD says he's going to impose "Operation Kitty Slimdown." Yes, our cats are portly, but still. Feed them anyway.


Beverly said...

I'm so glad you get the chance to be in Iowa with your folks and to be able to see fall.

On my end, it's the reverse. I'm in Virginia with David, Sabrina, and Ella, also enjoying the fall.

I know you are having a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

have fun! cant wait for pictures. jcn

Infidel Rooster said...

Driving back to NYC tonight from FL. Glad to hear you're getting some autumn time in as well.

T-Rex said...

Enjoy the Iowa Fall and your family! :)
Say hi to everyone from me please.

Lydia said...

How funny. I also have a pig - er ... I mean a cat.

Cara said...

I hope you guys are having a great time! Nothing beats hanging out with the fam. :)