Monday, January 19, 2009

First Haircut, as told by Froggy, and photographed by Froggydadda

I'm warning you, cut my hair and I'll find a new Mommy!
Please Mom, put the scissors down!

I know you said it's just my bangs, but this is not 1984 mom. Bangs went out with the New Kids on the Block!

I thought you loved me, I really did.

Do what you like. I give up.
I'm sure you know what's best.

Nope, changed my mind. Those scissors are scary, scary, I tell you!

You cut my ear, I call a lawyer.

Don't show me the lock of hair! The damage is done!


The DutchMac Tribe said...

Man, I envy you. Cutting kids' hair usually isn't a joy, I know, but getting Little Cub's hair cut takes at least ten adults.

One to hold the screaming, writhing, sobbing creature in a DeathGrip on their lap,

One to ply him with mini cookies, holding the towel over his eyes, running the hand-held PlayStation with downloaded cartoons, etc,

One to yoga-contortionist themself into position to snip away at whatever strands of hair happen to be available in a split-second,

And seven to gape in awe and horror at the surrealistic sight of it all.

I love that you were able to get pictures that at least appear to be calm and serene. Such a great moment!


Beverly said...

Maybe that's why they haven't tried to cut Ella's hair, LOL