Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Desperate Times Call For...Nutella

When Froggy was born, I breastfed. When she started eating solids, we gave her only organic, nothing processed or sugary. We did organic milk, juice, eggs from cagefree chickens who were also fed organically...

Three years later, she eats Nutella from the jar.

I think all CF Parents can relate, am I right? Anything for those calories!


Beverly said...

Ella had her appointment today. She's doing well, but a little light! Her weight isn't quite keeping up with her height. Nutella was on the list of things to be used as a spread.

Anonymous said...

Hi FM,
My daughter is also dealing with the weight gain issue. I never even thought of Nutella but I am going to try now. We are also facing the g-tube if she doesn't put on a few pounds. Thanks for this post and glad your little frog had a good appointment. I hope the culture is negative. That is always stressful waiting for "The Call".

Tell me, how will FD deal with seeing CF patients at work and them coming home to Froggy? I ask because I am thinking of RT as a new career but this part worries me.

Sorry to jump on your post but I appreciate your thoughts.


fleetfeet said...

Classic! Way to go, Mom!

Froggymama said...


Hi, yes the g-tube is scary, even though I know soooo many people are glad they did it. It's still surgery and something "else" our kiddos have to deal with, and just not a pleasant thought. Ugh. We're dreading it big time.

FD actually won't be working with CF kids. He's choosing to only work with adults. He's in the hospital now, so when he comes home, he'll strip at the door, run to the bathroom and shower, so Froggy is never near him, or his scrubs. We keep his scrubs in a plastic bag and take it directly to the laundry. Hopefully that will protect Froggy from any lung bugs.

Good luck with your decision. So far FD seems to really like it! -FM

Froggymama said...

And when I say "only adults" I mean not a Children's Hospital - but of course he will have to work with kids some of the time. It would be too emotional for him to be around sick CF kids.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I WISH Max would eat nutella. I bought him some once and I was the one who ate it. His favorite beverage is ice cold water and for snacks he prefers carrots. Sometimes I swear we're raising and alien (or someone else's child) 'cuz everyone else in our family LOVES to eat and he could care less.

Keep up the good work!

holly said...

Oh...... the expectations CF mamas are forced to let go of...and feel guilty about. I get it. Ojaio loves Nutella also. It's practically peanut butter, right??? Made of nuts. And white bread is O.K., as long as you sprinkle it with flax meal????

Anonymous said...

just catching up on your blog. what an amazing valentine to your husband. and here i bought a card that read - "i love you - because you make me dinner."
congrats on the clear lungs and fingers crossed for an equally good result with the culture. hang in there...jcn

Lydia Russell said...

Dang, I've never heard of that before. I imagine Azer probably wouldn't eat it. The kid barely eats when he's starving lol. Does it have more calories than peanut butter? Because PB&J's are a very big part of his diet, but he won't eat them if I put marshmellows or that Jet Puffed stuff on them.