Friday, March 27, 2009

Care for a little research anyone?

As you all know Froggy is incredibly pancreatic insufficient, more so that a lot of kiddos with CF. The CF Foundation spends the majority of it's resources on the pulmonary aspect of CF because it is the fatal aspect of the disease. However, malnutrition and the pancreatic scarring and a host of other health issues result from the blockage of pancreatic enzymes in people with CF. I rarely read about enzyme research so to read this article made my day!

And some even more incredible research can be found here!

I swear I'm going to get my Great Strides Team together soon. So get ready to raise money so even more research can be done for all the little Froggies out there!


The DutchMac Tribe said...

What fantastic news! We can't wait for the day Froggy gets to benefit from these advancements.


Anonymous said...

Great news! Can you please contact me. I may have a fundraiser opportunity for you.

I don't want to put details here and I don't see a way to contact you directly but I have been reading your blog for many months and see you wish to raise money for CF. I just finished an awesome fundraiser for another little girl which was amazing.

Anonymous said...

i haven't read the article yet. but just the mention of progress makes my day. jcn

Tami Draxler said...

Hello there! I haven't been around for a long time. I lost all my bookmarks and such...but today I though of Froggy and was prompted to look you up again.

I was so glad to read the vertex announcement. It seems to hold such promise. I hope it helps our girls.

I'm off to read through the entries I missed...

mom to Emily 3 w/cf