Monday, January 08, 2007

Sisterly Love

Sissy Snuggiekins spent the night with us and Froggy was smitten. She already looks up to her with such admiration and affection. At sixteen months, Froggy has decided her sister is way cooler than us.

I dressed her in black for the day, so she could bond and feel that teen angst. Sadly, they don't make Alice and Chains shirts for toddlers, so this outfit was the best I could do. They had a great time. Sissy instant-messaged her friends, while Froggy talked on her Fisher Price phone.

I'm thrilled Froggy will have her wonderful sister in life. I am so blessed to have mine. She is my best friend, knows all my dirty secrets and still loves me. Or maybe mom pays her an allowance to pretend she does. Either way, there is no relationship quite as complicated, loving, and powerful as sibling love.

We love those beautiful girls!


Anonymous said...

My sister is my soul.

Anonymous said...

great photos...and love the black! jcn

Mieke said...

I love the picture of Froggy looking up at her sister.