Monday, May 07, 2007

Sick Little Tadpole

Poor Froggy has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

She's one unhappy little tadpole and we've had 3 sleepless nights.

Friday night, she wouldn't eat FD's killer eggs, so we knew something was up. Saturday and Sunday were a scary blur of forcing liquids down her throat with a syringe. The virus causes blisters on the back of the throat, so it hurts to swallow.

During the night, she drank a bottle of pedialyte and today, she's taking liquids on her own. And this morning she ate some oatmeal. Our poor girl is on the road to recovery, but still feeling bad.

Yesterday, on a walk, she did a face plant into the pavement and suffered a bloody nose. When I picked her up, she didn't want to be comforted and kept running down the sidewalk, crying, but still running. That's my girl!

FD and I are exhausted. And I missed the event on Sunday, where I was going to read my essay to an audience for the "My Mommy Moment." The woman running the event read the essay and called me on her cell phone, so I could hear the applause. So sweet.

Send good thoughts for a full recovery!


Casey said...

oooooh that poor baby! My kids had the hand/foot/mouth virus with horrible blisters in their mouths. Is that what she has or something different? It sucks so bad when they are sick. Here's hoping tomorrow dawns bright abd beautiful and virus free!

Anonymous said...

sending healthy thoughts to froggy!!! jcn

Anonymous said...

get better soon froggy!!

Anonymous said...

Is she feeling better? I have something for her that might cheer her up! Y'all going to be at the park on Sat or Sun? I can give it to you then. LMK -

The DutchMac Tribe said...

I'm feelin' your pain, Mama! Little Cub was struggling yet again with teething (the bane of his existence) which graduated up to an ear and sinus infection. For SIX nights in a row I was up with him anywhere from 1-4 times....I felt like there was a newborn in the house again! Sending much love and positive healing mojo from across the pond.