Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The MRI Files

The neurologist called today and left a message. I was driving my boss to the airport and couldn't answer.

Her MRI was normal!!! Yaaaaaaaaahhhhh Whhhhooooooo. Yeee Hawwww! Yippeeeeeeee!!!

I'm going to call the doc tomorrow and see what this means exactly -- if we continue with her seizure meds, or if there are other tests to be done. But for now, we're just so happy the little Froggy doesn't have a brain tumor, or abnormal brain growth or something scary. This may be just something she grows out of, maybe after a year or two on seizure medications, she'll just stop having them. So far, she hasn't had one since we began her full dose. No eye deviations or anything. Woo hoo.

And because the fun never stops, Froggy's cold isn't really going away. So the pulmonologist started her on antibiotics today, to prevent bronchitis, and to keep the nasty little lung bugs from sticking around. I'm pretty comfortable with it, because in two years, she's only been on antibiotics once.

Sorry my posts have been so boring. Froggy has done a million and one adorable things in the last few days, but FD and I have been sick too, so we've been in survival mode. One of these days FD and I will actually have a conversation that doesn't involve doctors, meds, bills, the pets, or laundry. Ahhh, someday.


Anonymous said...

I think you were on antibiotics more than once before you were 2.

Casey said...

YES YES YES!!! Normal MRI is perfect!!!!

Sorry about the cold but hopefully the antibiotics will get things back on track.

MONSTER said...

Yeah, and yay! I really knew inside that everything was OK but it's still a big relief. Hope you guys get better soon!

Anonymous said...

niiiiice news!!!!!!!!!!! (-sorry to be behind....been without power this part of town) so happy for you and froggy!! jcn

marta said...

hi froggy mama and froggy daddy. I wish all of a wonderful day. Soon, very soon, it will be F' bday . A big kiss from Marta and Paolo