Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Princess Bribes

Our playdate started out relatively tame. "Hummingbird" gave me my milk, we listened to music, played with my dolls, and had a snack. Then all heck broke loose!
It all began when I dressed up like a fairy princess. Harmless enough, right?

But Hummingbird said that she was also a princess and required the power of a magic wand!
I told her, "be careful fair maiden, you know not your powers!!!" But she took it and ran away, into the night! As you can see, I tried to remain calm.

So I stole her tiara.

Finally, she agreed that I was indeed the fairest in the land and gave back my wand.

But then she said, "SUCKER!!!" and stole it back. I said, "look girly, you may be cute, but there's only enough room on this block for one princess. And that position has been taken!" She said, "whatever," and then we watched a little Sesame Street. Before Hummingbird left, she helped me with my respiratory treatment and even pounded my back and chest. I guess we really are best friends after all. We'll rule together!


Froggymama said...

bwt, you have to blow up that last picture to get their full expression. It's hilarious.

Karen said...

FM-So glad the MRI is normal and I hope Froggy is feeling better soon. I love your poem and can soooo relate. After my daughter was diagnosed with CF I could have driven right off the Grand Canyon!

If you would like to send me a note my email is for now. I might be changing it soon.

Karen (KHJ)

Casey said...

Love this post!! :)

Anonymous said...

adorable jcn

Froggymama said...

Thanks Karen, and I'd love to take credit, but the poem is actually by Nancy Henry. But I hear ya, at first I just wanted to drive into the ocean. But after a little time, hope crept in and we knew we would all survive this.