Saturday, March 29, 2008

Froggisms, yet again

Buddy the dog chases Froggy (and her cheese stick) through the house. Froggy yells, "Take it easy, Buddy!"

Froggy sits on training potty for a long time. Mommy gets impatient and says, "Where's the pee pee?" Froggy quickly, and very seriously puts her finger to her mouth, saying "Shhhhhh, pee pee hiding."

When we pick up meds at one of our many pharmacies, Froggy loves playing with the stuffed animals that strangely all pharmacies stock. While I'm in line, Froggy picks up a little blue bear, walks up to the counter, holds up her bear to the pharmacist and says, "How much?" I was so impressed I bought her the damn bear.


Angela said...

That is hysterical that she says the pee-pee is hiding - Henry used to say "pee-pee is off now."

Beverly said...

What a funny Froggy! I would have bought the bear too.