Sunday, March 23, 2008

Two Wild and Crazy Shiksehs

As you read in my last and very pathetic post, I needed a break. Well, I got one. And what an oysterlish break it was.

My friend "Gorgeous Hair" keeps me abreast of the world outside strollers and diapers, playdates and The Doodlebops. She always knows the cool happenings in LA, screenings, and improv shows, bands and pop culture icons on display, readings and plays. So when she invited me to a screening of the 1990 movie, Wet, Hot, American Summer, I thought it would be a hoot. It's a spoof on camp movies from the 70's and 80's, films like Meatballs, and Little Darlings. It's hilarious, and some of the cast and crew promised to appear at the after-party.

It's rare when I go anywhere without a kid on my hip, or my hunky husband by my side. I'm no meeskite, but it was strange when men began interrupting our conversations with questions like, "So did you like the movie?" and "How's the popcorn?" and "Are you Jewish?"

We were vaklempt. Then "Gorgeous Hair" and I looked around the room. Yes, it was Purim, yes, we were attending a screening of a film produced, directed, and starring an almost all-Jewish cast, but...this was like someone's Bubbie had posted the event on her Yente Myspace account for all the nice Jewish boys to find a nice Jewish girl night. We thought about leaving... I mean, we were imposters. I was raised Presbyterian for Christ's sake, and I'm married... but I still had a glass of wine left, and all I wanted was a night out, not impose on Shidech night at the Silent Movie Theatre. Oy vey. Not that I'm kvetching...

Then the most adorable mentsh sat down next to us. He was probably late 40's, balding, a little heavyset, and it was obvious he settled for the two shiksehs in the corner. He was awkward, but confident and said, "Ehh, I'm looking for a nice Jewish girl, you know? Pretty, yes, but you know, just a nice Jewish girl." And as he spoke, telling us the reason for Purim (I had no idea, silly Goya), I realized he was the physical embodiment of a dear, dear friend of ours, Herman, who passed away at 96 last year. He was endearing and charming, and looking for the love of his life...and it made me think about Herman and how he was married to his soul mate for over 65 years. And how strange is it that all of these men were searching for their true loves on the screening of Wet, Hot, American Summer. No one was there for the movie, except me and my shikseh friend.

We were not anyone's true love, but we did listen. Someone introduced his friend to me and I said, "I'm married, I have a toddler, I'm such a vaybl, it's not even funny." He breathed a sigh of relief and we talked about how I met my husband at Trader Joe's, and how grocery stores really are the best places to find love. He asked me how I knew my husband was "the one," and I said, "He walked in that grocery store like he had found what he wanted, and I believed him." He said he was inspired by that and hoped he could find the same, but ya know, with a nice Jewish girl.

I went home and kissed my husband and baby, feeling blessed to have my little family. And very mazldik for a night out.


Casey said...

I am so glad that you have a friend who will rescue you and lift your spirits when youare down and to give your soul a much needed break.

I could use a friend like that myself. *sigh* I could so totally relate to your post about being tired. Just reading this post was like a mini-break for me. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Irving would be proud what with all the Yiddish. Its late. I think I need a little nosh before bed.