Sunday, April 06, 2008


The original Mimi

When Froggy was in the hospital, a friend gave her Mimi -- a lamb blankie that is not only necessary for every nap and bedtime, but a dear, dear friend for Froggy. She LOVES her Mimi (Lambie). Fearing that she would someday lose her Mimi, I bought her two more. But Froggy only has eyes for her worn, yellowed, holey Mimi. The newbies are no substitute for true love.

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Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think Ella can't get much cuter either. She is on my mind constantly when I'm not there.

She's coming in June for a week, so I guess I can last until then.

Your Froggy is just so cute. I love her curls...and her Lambie. Ella has a blue blanket that is never far away. Shehas another one identical to it which is always on hand when one is dirty. She doesn't seem to mind.