Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The War of the Pacifier Continues

We may have won the battle, but Froggy is winning the war.

Nap time is hell. It's at the very least an hour of screaming, crying, flailing, sobbing, hitting, biting, jumping hell.

She isn't asking for her pacifier, but she's definitely miserable, and missing the comfort of a pacifier to fall asleep.

Any advice? I can't do this everyday. She can't do this everyday. Help!


Casey said...

Take this for what it is worth...and please no one feel the need to flame me. :) My son still uses his binky for going to sleep. I see *nothing* wrong with this as I for one sucked my thumb until I was in my late teens. I know that sometimes you just *need* a little comfort. Some days I wish I could still get that kind of comfort. So...my two cents is let her have it. Limit it to the bed only. At night, once she is asleep, go in and pop it out. That's what I do, anyway.

Again, that's just me and I know many, many, many people disagree with me. I also know many who agree. :)

Whatever you decide - good luck!!!

Zuska said...

My now-11 year old had her pacifier until she was 3.5. I would have plucked it out at 3, but we had just moved, and were doing a lot of traveling, and things were just too tumultuous.

Before we cut her off, because of her age and maturity, she had an understanding that she could only have it in the bed. She had gotten to the point where she would remove herself to her bed to have a little passy-time if she felt that she needed some comfort outside of bedtime.

Now that she's 11, she chews on the erasers of her pencils incessantly. Perhaps that's the effect of "allowing" her to keep her pacifiers for so long. I'm not sure it's such a bad thing. Irritating, sure. But horrible? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

my guess is that she is still adjusting to not having it...and since she isn't asking for it...i wouldn't give in. yet. hang in there. jcn

The DutchMac Tribe said...

The other common theory is that when you remove one comfort, it's only replaced by another (like a former-smoker who reverts to 14 packs of gum a day).

Little Cub has a 'puppy' that he sleeps with each and every time his precious little head hits the pillow .... and never anytime else. I know Froggy has something precious already (I forget what, but you wrote a cute blog about it a while back), but do you suppose you could find something NEW to introduce at sleep times? Something special that's only for your 'very big girl' (not mentioning the pacifier), something that she knows is only for those times, and therefore it's a sort of treat?

No idea if this will work or not, but maybe it's worth a shot. Good luck!

bbc said...

don't worry.....Wendy had to have her blue blanket (blue-bah) to suck on until there was only a small piece left! Hang in there. LUV from great gramma