Thursday, April 10, 2008

Race Car

Grandpa J. is building Froggy a race car. She's two. And she will have a custom built race car.

It will be a pedal car so she can cruise the neighborhood, taking her pals to the park, and basically ruling our hood. FD already has dreams of visiting car shows and parades with his toddler and her cool wheels, while I'm ready to enforce helmet rules, and be on the lookout for cars backing out of driveways.

I can't believe how completely excited Froggy is by this car. She keeps asking when Grandpa J. will return, and,"oh, the car too." She's diplomatic enough to make the car seem like an afterthought. But I know the truth, she is LOVING the idea of driving her red little race car. Lately, she's wanted to sit in the front seat of our Saturn and steer, pretending to shift, and maneuver. She'll even copy my driving mannerisms, saying, "ooh shoot," as she veers from an imaginary traffic jam.

This will be such an incredible childhood memory for Froggy -- her Grandpa building her a car. I'm excited for her. And sometimes it's even more fun for us, as parents, living vicarious race car dreams.


Anonymous said...

how cool! fun!! jcn

Anonymous said...

That is a cool looking car, seems like a fast one as well. I can't remember having to build my own race kart way back but surely won't forget them crashes and bruises from