Sunday, April 13, 2008

Super Froggyisms

Froggy discovered green olives. While I was making a pasta salad today, she grabbed one, noticed the pimento, and said, "Hmm, olives have ketchup in them."

The other day, I told Froggy that we needed to go run errands for my boss. She thought for a second and said, "Ya know what mom, we can do anything we want."

Froggy is very dramatic (no idea where she gets that) which makes for interesting discipline tactics. She LOVES 'time out.' I think it's the process and ritual of time-out that she enjoys. A week ago, she climbed up the bookshelf, climbed down, walked over to me and said, "I naughty...I need a time-out." Her face was serious and tragically sad, in a Charlie Chaplin kind of way, almost mime-ish.She then walked over to our designated time-out chair and enjoyed a self-imposed time-out. The exaggerated expression of disappointment in herself was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Tonight, while I rocked her to sleep, she said, "Guess what Mom?" I was trying very hard not to laugh, because she's never used that phrase before and it was so adult and strangely reminded me of those 1980's "Summer's Eve" commercials. Eww, I digress. So she said, "Guess what Mom?... We're going to Iowa!" I told her about our upcoming trip to Iowa in May, and she is soooo excited. Her memory is amazing. She can list all our Iowa family, even Aunt Arctica and Uncle Jiffy Pop's dog, Ruby.

Grandma W. babysat on Saturday. Froggy kept walking over to the computer saying, "Time to check my emails."


T-Rex said...

Ha! The olive one had me cracking up. I love reading all of your posts, Elise, but I think the Froggyisms are my favorite. :)

Beverly said...

She is just the smartest little cookie, isn't she. I, too, love your Froggyisms.

May isn't too far away, is it. I hope the trip to Iowa will be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

OMG - SO cute, i love that e-mail comment. jcn