Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sissysnuggiekins!

Sissysnugs Mama, her son "Z", Sissysnugs, Froggy, FD and FM
Sissysnugs and her Mama

FD and Froggy in the pool

Froggy swimming with a noodle, and Dadda
It's hard to believe that Sissysnuggiekins is 16!
We surprised her today at her aunt Betsy's with a birthday party. Froggy was, as always smitten to see her big Sis. And she met (for the first time) her sister's little brother. Got that?

Sissysnug's mom has a son (Sissy's half brother). So Sissysnug's half-sister Froggy met her half brother. So I suppose Froggy and "Z" are half-half-half brother and sister? Anyway, we had a great day. Sissy was very surprised and Froggy was thrilled to see her Sissy.

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Anonymous said...

that pool looks so inviting! happy b-day to froggy's sis!!