Monday, June 30, 2008

Back on the horse

It's been three years since I seriously worked on a play or script.

It's time. I am going to write a tv pilot. I have an idea, finally an idea.

Since I'm a research freak, it will be a while before anything is actually on paper, besides a treatment, and tons of notes. But this feels good.

Sadly, my blogging will suffer. But I'll be sure to post pics and sometimes writing is the best distraction from writing. So I'm sure I'll need to procrastinate my scriptwriting with blogger writing.


Casey said...

Wow! That is fantastic news! I'll eagerly be awaiting updates. The best of luck and a huge congratulations!

Beverly said...

Good luck to you in your endeavor! I'd love to be able to tell my friends, "Hey, I know the person who wrote that!"

Angela said...

Good for you! I'll miss reading your blog entries but I think it's great that you are writing again!

Anonymous said...

love that! jcn

Anonymous said...

Very exciting indeed!

I always meant to mention (But often though it would be wierd, since I don't really KNOW you know you...) that I'm in a small theater company that regularly looks for plays to produce.

I know you are a playwright. I have NO idea how royalites and the likes work, but I could put you in contact with our fearless leader if you are looking to have a play put on in a small town in Wisconsin. We are a non-profit group...don' t know if that makes a difference. Whatever, just a thought!

mom to Emily 2 1/2 w/CF