Monday, June 23, 2008


Tomorrow we have our doc appointment at Children's Hospital. We'll do x-rays and see if the kiddo has any blockage. If we get the all-clear, we'll be able to sleep in our own bed tomorrow night.

If Froggy hasn't moved Mount Vesuvious, we'll be admitted.

I won't have access to the internet in the hospital, unless I can Bogart one of the nurse's computers for a minute. So if I haven't posted by tomorrow evening, you'll know where we are. And we'd love visitors. Call FD if you want to stop by, and he'll tell you our room number.

But won't need to.


Cara said...

Poor Froggy!! I'm prayin' for poop!

Anonymous said...

can you send me his cell number?- jeni

Beverly said...

Here's hoping you won't be in the hospital!

Mimi said...

Just read your comment on dancing on the edge about the obama moma for your car....My daugher has a shirt for her two year old that moma's for OBAMA....tooo funny

Unknown said...

You haven't posted yet, I'm hoping I'll check in later tonight and see a post, thinking about you all!!