Sunday, June 15, 2008

Muddy Waters

This is Iowa sadly reverting to it's pre-cambrian days.

Fortunately no one I know has had to swim out of their house yet.

Thank you everyone who called or emailed to ask if my family was affected. And thank you for not confusing Iowa with Idaho, or Ohio, or Indiana, or Illinois.


Beverly said...

I wondered about your family too. Seeing all that water is just incredible.

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Here I go sounding all reminiscent-grandmothery, but....Remember the floods in the summer of '93? When we lined up for fresh drinking water from tankers, and my prospect of beautiful senior pictures in Water Works Park went (literally) down the drain? I'm still not over that loss, by the way.

Those floods were supposedly 'of Biblical proportions' and only to be seen every 500 years.

Ummmm, excuse me. Have we lost 485 years somewhere????

Glad to hear all yours are ok. I have family in CR, but luckily on high enough ground not to be directly affected. Wonder how many high school seniors there have lost thier chance at pretty pictures, too.