Friday, November 21, 2008

Clearing the Air

A little riverdance

Yeah, I'm an equestrian too.

We are finally back in our own beds! The air isn't exactly clear, but is it ever in LA? Froggy did not want to leave her Grandparents' house and cried all the way home. They do have an incredibly relaxing and lovely home, with a great back yard and a mountain view. I don't blame her. But Mama has to work, and the kitties were about to call the ASPCA, claiming feline neglect. So home again, home again, jiggity jig.

As you can see from the pictures, Froggy is a ballet prodigy. Well...maybe not a prodigy, but she is fast and light on her feet. Listening to her teacher is another story. We're working on it, but let's just say she is the rebel rouser, recruiting other toddlers to follow HER (rather than the instructor) in a Pied Piper march around the room, while her mother sits in the back of the room horrified, wondering when to step in and when to leave it to the teacher to help corral the naughty frog into pliet submission. Sufficed to say, we left one class half way through, for behavioral reasons. In her defense (and yes, I'm one of those moms), she and Hummingbird are the youngest in the class and haven't quite grasped the concept of "following" the directions.

The second set of photos are of Froggy at a toddler dude ranch, near her Grandparents' home. The boy who rode the pony before her, was terrified, but not Froggy. She hopped up in the stirrups like a pro and wasn't intimidated in the least.

Froggydadda stayed home this week because of school and his hospital internship, so it was wonderful to see him today. Froggy has been attached to her daddy all day. And while they snuggled on the sofa watching cartoons, I tried to take her to bed, but she snuggled in and said, "No, only Dadda."

I'll leave you with a few Froggyisms from this week:

Froggy and FD are in the livingroom running around and giggling. Froggy runs into the kitchen to tattle on her father and says...
Froggy: Mommy!!!! Daddy is such annoying.

and while watching the local news about the fires in our area, Froggy said...

Froggy: The Fighting Fighters (fire fighters) are probly saving someone, or maybe a cat up a tree.

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Lydia said...

Lol, Fighting Fighters. Too cute.