Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Aunt N's beautiful Thanksgiving table.
Uncle R carving the turkey.

Froggy took this picture.

Cousin J's kitties.

We had an incredible Thanksgiving at Aunt N's and Uncle R's house. Froggy swam with her daddy in their pool, then played with Cousin J's three kitties the rest of the afternoon. With a wonderful meal and great company, does it get any better?

We missed our family in Iowa, and it is strange having grown up in a family of football fans, to celebrate Turkey Day without the sounds of referees and shouting crowds in the background -- the men (and Aunt Helen) leaning back far in their chairs to catch the score in the living room, the shouts of joy and yes, sometimes profanity at a bad call or fumble. I am not a fan of any sport really. I tried, but could live my entire life without watching a single game on tv. For Thanksgiving I prefer music in the background to screaming fans, but there is something nostalgic about pumpkin pie and football, even though I don't really care for either.

I guess the holidays are defined by your childhood. For me Thanksgiving was always wet autumn leaves, the crisp smell of winter upon us, playing 'king of the hill' with my cousins at the playground, everyone crowding in Grandma Gus's tiny kitchen, watching football, taking a long walk after dinner, homemade pie, having a late-night turkey and cranberry sandwich, and falling asleep in the car on the drive home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, however you define it! I am thankful for you and the love you give to our family.


Beverly said...

It's nice that you have a lot of family there in California to enjoy the day with. I know you must miss being with your family in Iowa, though.

Sarah and I went to her friend's house for dinner. It was very nice. We're spending a quiet Christmas here, and then ELLA is coming January 1. We're going to DisneyWorld!!!

The DutchMac Tribe said...

I know what you mean about T-Day football. For the first time in AGES we were able to have Thanksgiving actually ON Thanksgiving Day, and since it was a dinner-time thing here (as people had to work), with the time difference, the football was on during the meal. As much as it's annoying, I loved the nostalgia of it all!

LC and I also had fun taking pumpkin pie around to the neighbors, who had never experienced that little slice of Americana. Of course, they all wanted to know the story of the day. God only knows what I actually conveyed in my mixed-up Dutch! Oh well, a few glasses (bottles) of wine later, it didn't matter all that much. :-)


Anonymous said...

so perfectly put. (as always). love these pictures too. jcn