Friday, March 06, 2009


Froggy has been into rhyming. And she wasn't quite getting the concept. Today in the car this was our conversation:

Froggy: Do bath and sidewalk rhyme?
FM: No.
Froggy: Do car and dog rhyme?
FM: Nope.
Froggy: Do cat and swimming pool rhyme?
FM: No, but car and jar rhyme.

(Long toddler silence of deepest thought)

Froggy: Do dream and ice cream rhyme?
FM: YESSSS!!!! Wooo Hooooo! And what a great example!

At the pharmacy, Froggy was allowed to pick out a little present. She chose a stuffed animal bunny. In the car, she was trying to take the tags off. But first, she pretend "read" the tag and it said, "Don't never pull tag off bunny!" Then she tore the tag off. See, even in imaginary world, she disobeys.

Before going to the pharmacy, Froggy would not get dressed. I told her that people are not allowed in the pharmacy unless they have pants on, and there's a sign outside that says, "No shirt no shoes, no pants, no service." This takes the pressure off Mommy when other people make the rules. She begrudgingly agreed to put on her clothes, but in the car she asked, "Why doesn't the pharmacy let girls run around naked?" How do you answer that?

After eating some candy, Froggy opened her mouth and said, "Mommy look, my teeth are all jelly beany!"

We are still potty training. But one of Froggy's favorite things to do is get tupperware from the cupboard, take it into the living room and pee in it. Note to all guests, skip the leftovers.

While on a walk with Froggydadda, FD pointed to a car and said, "What kind of car is that, Froggy?," to which she replied, "That's a Chevy." And it was!

And today was the first time Froggy pooped in the toilet. She has digestive issues, so we've really been working on this one. Too much info, but still... wooo hooo! We did a festive poop dance, and she got five jelly beans!


Anonymous said...

lol - great post and congrats on all accounts. the rhyming...and number 2. jcn

Cara said...

Jelly beany! Haha! So cute!

And thanks for the heads up on the leftovers..that is some useful info!

Froggyisms make my life complete. :)

Alicia said...

I was thoroughly enjoying this post when I got to this line: See, even in imaginary world, she disobeys.

If I had been drinking soda, it would have gone through my nose I laughed so hard!

Oh, and I just finished the rest-that post is SO funny!

Mieke said...

Poo poo, Poop poo, poo poo in the potty. A poo poo, poo poo, poo poo in the potteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee YEAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Her clothing ideas reminded me of a coworker's son a few years ago. The child was about froggy's age and preferred no clothes and once yelled "stupid store! Make me wear pants"


Lydia said...

Lol, Azer was poo trained first, and then pee trained. That was a happy day when I didn't have to clean the "mess" of the diaper. Especially the CF mess ... not fun. Have you read my story of the day Azer's diaper leaked in the CF clinic? Absolute horror.