Sunday, September 10, 2006

Froggy's Birthday

On Froggy's actual birthday (the 8th of Sept.) Mom and I baked a carrot cake, a chocolate cake, and some sad little muffins that had to be thrown out. They were hard, sunken in and had the consistency of a dog biscuit. But as you can see, we still fed one to the baby. She only ate the frosting. Just before bed, we had a little mini party, sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. We would celebrate her big party on the 9th with the Cali. family and friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG ONE YEAR OLD FROGGY!!!


froggyaunt said...

Queen Froggy! Ruling topless. I love it. Have fun you guys, FA

auntarctica said...

In this picture without her shirt on, in the highchair, she looks like the little bean you brought home from the hospital. She's changed so much in the past year. We are all truly blessed to have her in our lives. -A