Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Poem for Froggy

The floorboards creak,
and I try not to wake
her dreams
of milk, stars, and cat tails flicking,
back and forth
like eyes under lids.
She sleeps.
My girl, my soul mate, the hours
creep by and I see
her forehead rise above the crib
like the sea giving birth to the sun,
and little fingers
beckon the morning.

By Froggymama


Lucie said...

Froggy is wonderful kid

froggyaunt said...

I like your Froggy thoughts. And the pictures. The first one is you, Froggymama. The rest look like Froggydad.

Your poem makes me think of something Madeleine L'Engle told of her childhood.

She was visiting her grandmother in Florida and one night someone came into her room and took her out of her crib and carried her onto the beach to see the stars. She said it must have been incredibly beautiful to wake up a baby to the show her the stars.

She says all she remembers is glory. "It was my first glimpse of night, of the world that was far larger and moremagnificent than the ordinary daily world of the small child. I have never forgotten that moment of glory."

Anyway, your poem made me think of babies, stars and glory. Thanks!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Oh, how beautiful. I love it. A lovely poem and a stunningly gorgeous child.

Froggymama said...

Thanks everyone! Froggyaunt, I love your quote from Madeleine L'Engle. I can't wait to read her book. There are a few moments of wonder that really stayed with me from childhood. One night when I was staying at aunt "B"'s house, we heard a frog or toad (how appropriate now) outside, ribbiting like he was warning the neighborhood of some great catastrophe, or maybe just some flies buzzing around. Aunt B took us outside in our jammies to find this loud little neighbor. It was so exciting for us to get out of bed after we were already in it (mom never would have let us do that!), to go find a toad. It was silly and spontaneous and just like Aunt B. When I told "B"'s kids how much fun their mom was, they said, "really, my mom?" Ha. These moments of wonder are so "wonder"ful to relive through Froggy. Her 'firsts' are more fun experiencing them vicariously, than my own moments of wonder.

froggyaunt said...

Hey, if this aunt 'B' is my sister, I see a pattern emerging! Last time I stayed with her, I heard a creature at night as well. But this time, it was IN my room. I was too tired to explore so just went to sleep.

The next day I was told by your uncle 'R' that a toad was in my room! I did not describe my moment as glory. But perhaps when Froggy is older, she can have her own experience of frogs and toads at her aunties. And, yes, I hope she describes it as glory!