Friday, September 15, 2006

Grandmas and Grandpas

I'm so glad Froggy has all four grandparents and two great-grandmas. Here are few pics of our mini-vacation to Santa Barbara. We visited the mission, had yummy clam chowder in a bread bowl (my favorite) and did some antique shopping in Carpinteria. Dad waited outside the shops with the baby. They were both very patient.

My grandparents were such a huge part of my childhood. Climbing silos and teasing the pigs on the farm and taking the bus to downtown with Grammy for a fancy shmancy lunch at Younkers Tea Room are some of my fondest memories. I can't wait for the day when FroggyDaddy and I can drop Little Froggy off at the Grandparents and get away for a nice weekend. She has a whole lifetime of memories to create with her grandparents, building snowmen in Iowa and snorkling in California.

What did you learn about life from your grandparents? How did their influence change you?


froggyaunt said...

Froggy is VERY blessed to have so many people to love her. Those memories will be some of her cherished ones no doubt.

We, of course, grew up seeing alot of Gma & Gpa J. Gpa J was hilarious. When it was time to go home, he'd get in the car and roll down the driveway til Gma ran and jumped in as he rolled away. All of this with her sturdy black grandma shoes on! And then there was Gpa making smoke come out of his ears. Ask your mom how he did that. Or was it smoke coming out of my ears?

I wouldn't say that those are the things I really learned from them. I have never rolled down a driveway expecting anyone to jump in the car with me. Nor do I smoke a cigar. But they are fun memories anyway. And we knew they loved us.

Froggy will have her memories to make with her grands. I hope she learns to love Iowa along the way as well.

Mieke said...

I didn't really have grandparents. I had a grandmother for a while but she was more of a pain in the ass than anything. My kids have all four grandparents living but only really see their grandmothers and even then, not that often. My sense of family has mostly come from my friends. It's sad.

froggyaunt said...

More thoughts. . . It is sad this little frog will never know her great grand J's. THEY taught me so much. I've been thinking about the questions you asked.

One of the things they taught is the importance of commitment in a world that does not know the word or its meaning.

They also taught us what love looks like. Again, not the world's brand of love, but real love.

They taught us the importance of a person's word. I still have vivid memories of telling my pastor that I would do something and later wanting to back out. My dad told me that I had said 'yes', that the pastor was counting on me and that I had to follow through. He told me that in the future I could more carefully consider what I said 'yes' to, but that this time I must follow through. That was a HUGE lesson for me. A good lesson.

My parents still loom large in my life and for that I am so very thankful. Their weaknesses as well as their strengths bear incredible weight on the person I am and am becoming. I'm still learning. That's another gift I think that comes from them.

Thanks for the questions, FMama.

Froggymama said...

I didn't know that my great grandparents had a great sense of humor. (great senses of humor? great sense of humors? what is the plural?) I guess I assumed they were stereotypical stoic Germans. Or at least that's how they appear in their very serious family portraits. We probably don't talk enough about the very people who made us, literally and emotionally. Mom has a wonderful picture of Great-Grandpa J taking his teeth out for her. She is probably 2 years old and you can tell this is the coolest thing she has ever seen. And maybe the scariest too. Sadly, Froggy's grandparents have all their teeth. :)

froggyaunt said...

Grandpa J was a fullblooded Swede and very funny. The more serious-minded genetics were definitely the Swiss (Grandma J) and German ones from the M side.

Speaking of the picture of teeth, I can remember being at a family dinner and looking at Grandma J and commenting how pretty her teeth were. Then I started laughing. I'd forgotten they were false. She did not appreciate my laughing.

Those are some memories Froggy probably won't have and I'm sure her grandparents would agree!