Saturday, September 23, 2006

Healthy Froggy

Yesterday we had our doctor's appointment at Children's Hospital with the Cystic Fibrosis staff. Our doctor said, and I quote, "If all my patients were as healthy as Froggy, I would be one very happy doctor!" Woooooo Hoooo!!!

Froggy is just above 18 pounds (a little above the 5th percentile), which is great because she was between the 3rd and 5th before. And she is very tall, 28 1/2 inches (25th %). Imagine that, and with a Froggydaddy who is only 6ft 6in.

Her respiratory function is 100%, her cheeks are pink and she had the entire staff cracking up with her amazing energy and silly stunts, like ripping up the paper on the examining table and grabbing the stethoscope out of the doctor's ears.

They had to draw blood to check her vitamin levels and liver function - both of which were really bad in the hospital (six months ago). We will learn the results of that and the throat swab (testing for Pseudomonas) next week. So say a little prayer, chant, meditate, kiss good thoughts our way for the healthy results!

When Froggy was getting her blood drawn, the phlebotomist told me to hold down both of her arms. Well, my grip on the arm that wasn't getting poked, was loose. She got free and ripped the needle out of her arm. I felt horrible and we had to poke her again on the other arm. The phlebotomist did not make me feel better by saying something like, "oh, that happens all the time," or "she's young, she won't remember a thing," or even, "I wouldn't call you a terrible mother, maybe just a mediocre one."

Nope, instead she said, "Shoot, I was really getting a good flow on that vein, now I'll have to poke her again." Poor Froggy had big tears streaming down her face and screamed when the needle went in. But as soon as it was over, she was fine. Mommy however, apologized profusely until we got to the car, and cried a bit herself. Had she been a little older, I would have bought her a pony on the way home. A little overreaction? Yep.

But it did make me think about how we can make her appointments fun in the future. Like ice cream on the way home, a little toy that will be waiting for her when we return home, or her favorite dinner that night. We probably won't have room for a pony, but maybe a little something to help her forget the sting of the needle.

Keep Froggy in your thoughts, always sending positive and healing energy! xoxox Thanks. Froggy Mama


Yankee, Transferred said...

Such a beautiful little froggy! And what good news!

froggyaunt said...

YEAH, HEALTHY FROGGY! Glad to hear such good news.