Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Henry the 8th I Yam, Henry the 8th I Yam, I Yam

The little stinker loves pulling my plays off the shelf. She is especially fond of Henry the 8th. And I must say, it's not my favorite. Hamlet, Othello, I love. But Henry? She wouldn't have a Willy Loman or a Sam Shepard.

Ben Johnson, she doesn't care for. And I agree that his poetry is better than his plays. Beckett, she appreciates with a gentle thud. Whew. I'm not sure we would get along if she dissed Godot. Durang is funny but souless, and there's something about Jane Martin, she just doesn't trust. At least she's not a fan of Shakespear's A Winter's Tale, or anything written by Pinter.

I can not wait to take Froggy to the theatre! Puppet shows, children's theatre, even the shows on ice! We'll have no shame.

By the way, Froggygrandma took me to the play Doubt, Friday night. It was fantastic. Cherry Jones was amazing and what a script!

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