Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

"It's vile," said Rep. Mark Foley (R-West Palm Beach).

"It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential
throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction."

On Bill Clinton. 1998.


Yankee, Transferred said...

oh, perfect! People who live in glass houses...

froggyaunt said...

Yes, absolutely. But it is the result of a world that refuses to deal in truth. So we create and live in the realm of lies. My heart goes out to this man.

When we can't be honest (which is what truth is), and when there is no right or wrong (according to our world's framework), this IS the result.

We should not be surprised.

We should be grieved.

Froggymama said...

My heart goes out to the boys he sexually violated. He's a creep and probably only remorseful because he got caught.

I do agree that most politicians live in a realm of lies. It just angers me that they use their pseudo-morals and ethics to get elected. And now because this guy claims to be sick, we're to feel bad for him and wish him well in recovery (much like Mel Gibson shouting anti-semetic rhetoric). It's not alcohol, it's not a mental disorder, it's a clear choice to violate others.

I just find it interesting that the very people who preach family values and make movies about Jesus are the biggest hypocrits of all. They are the first to chastise others for their belief systems, and the last to take real responsibility for their own. If this congressman came out and said, "I did this, because I knew I could get away with it," I would have more respect for him. Because that would have been an honest answer. And isn't honesty the first step to real recovery? And likewise for Mel. At the very least, admit you're a jerk, and then start making excuses for it.

It's just so easy and expected to pull a Jimmy Swaggert, but wouldn't it be refreshing if someone said, "I only act the way I do to get what I want. I wanted your votes and approval, and now I want your forgiveness."

And so you don't think I'm biased because he's a republican, I didn't believe Bill's apology either. :)

Sorry for going-off a bit. I'm a little bitter about politics right now.

froggyaunt said...

I agree with most of your observations, FM. Honesty is what the world needs and is what God desires from all of us. And you're absolutely correct, too many people profess one thing and live another instead of confessing the evil within. It would be refreshing indeed for people to honestly say, "I act the way I do because I want to please myself." That is truth.

And you're also right in saying that ONLY then can you begin to change. God calls it repentance. Confessing our sin, crying out to Him and turning away from our self pleasing ways. And we can only do that through Jesus.

Man cannot and will not be good. His heart is permeated with evil. All we have to do is look around right now. Amish schoolgirls murdered. A high school principal twenty miles from us killed by a student. A UW-L athlete pulled out of the Mississippi (the seventh one in recent years). How long will be continue to believe that education can change mankind? It can't. We've tried it. It is a heart problem and only God deals with the heart. And it begins by confessing that we do indeed have a heart problem.

Until we stop grasping at all the wrong solutions and turn to God, the evil will only continue and get worse. That is what God's word says and what we see happening
all around us in the world today.
The solutions are not political either. It's good you're turned off by politics. It is not the answer. Jesus is.

Mieke said...

Wow! Froggy Aunt. You have a very cynical view of man. I disagree with you powerfully and a million times over. Is this really how you view the world? Who teaches you this morbid view? I'd be curious exactly where in the new testament it says that.

You wrote:

"Man cannot and will not be good. His heart is permeated with evil...Jesus is the answer."

I am constantly surrounded by the kindness of strangers, the love and good deeds of people around me. Sure there are horrible people in the world who do terrible things but there are more people who do good - they just don't make headlines. We all have freewill. Where do you live that you view mankind through such a distorted lense? Maybe you should spend more time in Los Angeles with Froggymama away from all the evil you see around you.

How does this theory of yours work? Do you think Froggymama and Froggy's hearts are permeated by evil? Froggy is too young to know Jesus, so until she does is her heart permeated with evil? Is your idea that she cannot and will not be free of that evil until she knows Jesus? If children's hearts are not permeated with evil at what point does that evil enter?

How does this idea of yours work? Does knowing Jesus purge the evil from the heart or is it always there lurking? How do you explain my tender and loving Jewish heart? Froggymama is loved and supported by many many people here in Los Angeles (most of whom do not accept Jesus as their personal savior). People who have never met her or Froggy sent love and money to support her walk to find a cure. A man I met on the airplane and never saw again the week we found out about Froggy's illness was so moved he sent $250. My client's wife (with her two babies in the car) just got a flat tire on a major highway and a man stopped to change it for her. A man Froggymama hardly knows has been very generous to her to help her care of Froggy. I could go on and on about the kindess I see on a daily basis. I love people. I love their generous spirits and acts of kindness and love. I am surrounded by them. All you have to do is ask Froggymama about the support she got when the trouble first started to appear with Froggy. She was enveloped in love and support - even before we knew what was going on. Come on out to L.A. to feel the love.

froggyaunt said...

You call my view morbid. I call it truth full. It is what God's word clearly says and I know to be the truth because God does not lie. If you want to read it in the New Testament, go to Romans 3:23, or go to the prayer Jesus taught us to pray (Luke 11:4) asking for forgiveness for our sins, or to the words of John in IJohn 1:9 (If we confess our sins, He (God) is faithful and just, to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.)

And as a Jewish woman, you perhaps know the Hebrew words, shub and teshubah. The Hebrew prophets called upon the people to repent. What does repentance mean? It means to turn around, to renounce, to return, to do a spiritual about-face. In the Hebrew tradition it meant to turn away from sin and to go back to the living God of Israel.

Why would we be asked to repent as the Hebrew prophets asked us? Or why would Jesus ask us to pray for forgiveness? Or why would the apostles Paul and John tell us all have sinned, and what happens when we confess our sin?

And the prophet Isaiah says all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment (Isaiah 64:6). It is God's clear word about man's condition.

And who is the standard? God is. God is holy, absolute purity.

Abraham believed God and that belief was credited to him as righteousness. So, yes, Mieke, I believe God. God says that I am sinful. God's word clearly teaches from Genesis on that man chose sin and must repent of that sin, be truthful about himself, if he wants to have a relationship with a holy God.

The Jewish heart longs for a Messiah. I just heard Elie Weisel speak last week. He longs for a Messiah.

Messiah has come. He came in the person of Jesus. And, yes, to believe in Jesus I must repent of my sin, the evil that is in me and receive His substitutionary death on my behalf so that I can have a relationship with God. That is the good news. It is not morbid at all. It is absolutely GOOD! What the Jewish people longed for is a reality in the person of Jesus Christ.

So Mieke, I believe God. And it is what He says that matters. He says that the first man, Adam, chose sin (self pleasing rather than God pleasing). That is found in Genesis 3. And God says that a blood sacrifice is necessary to atone for sin. That is found in Leviticus. The Jewish people just celebrated the day of atonement, Yom Kippur. They know that sin separates them from God. They know that they have sinned and that they haved sin they don't even know about.

So I base my view of man (myself) on what God has told me. I am a person who is sinful. That does not mean I cannot or willnot 'do' good. But if God is the standard of goodness, how do I measure up? I measure up falling far short.

As a young child, I would go to church with my parents and we would sing a song called Holy, Holy, Holy. As I sang that song, I knew that God was holy and that I was not. I would come home from church and be in my room on Sunday afternoons and I would KNOW that God was holy and I was not. And I wanted to have a relationship with this holy God. I wanted God. And what God told me was that He loves me. He made a way for me, a sinful person, to have a relationship with Him, a holy God. The animal sacrifices were insufficient. It required a human sacrifice. So God sent His Son, Jesus, and Jesus gave His life on Calvary so that I could have life through Him, have a relationship with the living God of Israel.

That is what I believe, Mieke, and it is not morbid. It is LIFE. It is good news. Sinful man has a way out of his sinful condition and that way out is through Jesus.

Do I still live in the midst of evil? Absolutely. Each day I confess my sin to God. And each day God forgives me. His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23)! I am blessed to have a God who is so merciful to me.

Froggy has a merciful God too. He loves Froggy and His desire is for Froggy to believe all that He says and to come to desire a relationship with Him. That is my prayer for Froggy as well. Froggy is greatly loved.

So, as a woman who says she has 'a Jewish heart', I would say believe God. I do. I am the seed of Abraham. And I love you. FA

Mieke said...

You miss my point. There is a huge difference between saying we sin and as you said, “man cannot and will not be good. His heart is permeated with evil."
Romans 3:23 and Luke 11:4 say nothing of a heart dominated by evil or man's inability to be good. I bristle at your extreme language.

Teshuva is used not only to repent to god but, most frequently, to each other. If I hurt someone's feelings and I know I have, and feel remorse, I have a responsibility to make amends, to apologize, and resolve never to do it again.

So your theory then is that Froggy is a sinner and until she knows god or Jesus and repents those sins, she sits in her sin-filled heart?

You believe in a supernatural god. I don't. I don't believe in divine intervention, god's will, or a master plan created by god.

I believe Froggy's CF is a result of a terrible genetic lottery and was not created in our sweet baby by the hand of god for some divine purpose that has yet to be reveled to me. I do believe in the stem cell research and the scientist who could eliminate the lethal consequence of CF.

I do not believe in the god you believe in. I do not believe there will ever be a “chosen one”, however I do believe unequivocally it essential to work to create a world in which every human being chooses to do the right thing and to work towards peace on earth. I am not waiting for anyone. It's my job to try to create that world NOW.

froggyaunt said...

I'm sorry if I misunderstood you, Mieke. But I'm not sure that I did.

As I said in my earlier post, I believe what God says about me (and man). He says in Jeremiah 17:9 that "the heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick. . ."

And in the New Testament, Jesus says to the disciples after they asked him to teach them to pray, "If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children..." (Luke 11:13). You might say Jesus telling His disciples that "being evil" is pretty morbid too. But it is what God says.

And then if you look at the meeting of Jesus with the rich young ruler, was he 'good' enough? According to Jesus he was not.

You see, Mieke, I know that people do good things, kind acts. But I am not talking about that and neither is God. It is a basic attitude of the heart that is evil, choosing self pleasing over God pleasing. And God's standard is absolute perfection, the spotless lamb. No blemish is the standard. So with that as the standard, can men be good? God says not and so do I because I agree with God.

My role in this life is to love God first and love others. Yes, that means I care about people. But that caring does not make me good. I am not good. But I am loved and God made a way for me to be saved from my sinful self through the Messiah, Jesus. That is not a morbid view but the view of life as God makes clear to me. His view is my view (although I know I only see and understand imperfectly).

I hope this helps you understand my view, Mieke. I'm glad you are a good friend to the Froggy family.