Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Off to Iowa!

I have been so busy collecting all of Froggy's prescriptions, that I forgot to get excited about our vacation! We're only two meds away from being ready, and I'm finally having that "looking forward to something" feeling.

I love Iowa. Why you ask, would I love this fly-over state? First, shame on you for calling it a fly-over state. You know who you are!

Iowa is beautiful and real. You can actually see stars at night, the seasons are harsh, but mark the years, and give one the feeling of having endured something. I especially love autumn in Iowa; the air smells like raw earth and burnt leaves. Everyone is holding onto the warm weather, afraid if they come inside, the winter will creep up and stay.

Iowa in autumn is pumpkin patches, apple orchards, wine tastings, cider, taking mittens out of moth ball shoe boxes, a walk in the woods that only Van Gogh could replicate, dark nights with the lonely cries of a coyote, snuggling under the blankets with my sister and a book, looking at black and white photos with my grandma of relatives who came before, and trick-or-treaters haunting the neighborhood with goulish ladybug and princess costumes.

Iowa is my home, my rest, my family. And I can't wait to be there.


froggyaunt said...

YEAH!!! And we're looking forward to your being there---although I am no longer in Iowa. But my heart will always be. Iowa leaves an indelible mark on your soul. No, it can't be explained or understood. After 25 years of living elsewhere, I still want to be in Iowa. See you there! FA

froggyaunt said...

Oh, and hey, what did you take away from Froggy? (I'm referring to the third picture.)

Froggymama said...

She's actually mad that I wouldn't let her touch the camera with her greasy little fingers. Already a little photographer.

zdenka said...

ohhh, i know, home is and always will be a special place to come back to - all those memories.
Have a great time froggies!