Monday, October 16, 2006

My what big teeth you have

Yesterday we visited my favorite farmer's market in the mountains with Grandma W. and Grandpa J. It was wonderful to get out of our side of town, breathe the autumn air and feel the subtle changes of California seasons. The farmer's market was a bit disappointing - mostly ugly crafts, a couple fruit and veggie stands, and some corn on the cob.

Froggydaddy wanted the ugliest pumpkin there, the one with a huge gash on the top and a kind of fungus that looked like squash acne. He said "That would make a great jack-o-lantern!" But Froggy and I wanted a pretty one, symmetrical, round, and plump. We were two-to-one, so pretty took precedence over creepy.

Maybe when Froggy can voice her own opinion, she'll side with Daddy. And when she's older, if FD wants a scarface jack-o-lantern and a daughter dressed as a creepy little troll or Bride-of-Chucky doll, fine. But until then, she's wearing a ladybug costume, and settling for Halloweeny-cute over Halloweeny-scary.

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