Sunday, October 08, 2006

The way you wear your hat, the way you sip your milk

These pictures are a few weeks old, cause this mama has been oh so busy.

Froggy, you are 13 months old today and here are our favorite things about you:

You have 6 teeth and love to brush them. Mama bought you 2 toothbrushes, one for you and one for me. You find the toothpaste to be delicious.

You are easy to laugh, whether you're in on the joke or not. As long as someone in the room is cracking up, you are too.

Changing your diaper is a task. You find it hilarious to play, "escape the diaper," by twisting and squealing until you get away. When you are out of arms reach you look at me like, "sucker!"

You can say, mama, dadda, kitty, duck, sissy, and cat. And almost everything can be sufficiently described as a kitty. A car, a dog, another baby, they are all kitties.

You love to wake up your dadda in the morning. I say, "wake up dadda" and you leap over to him and smack his face!

You can stand without any help. And you are a master crawler, super fast down the hallway.

Your favorite game is "chase me". I say, "mama's gonna get you," and you squeal with joy, and hottail it down the hall. Halfway, you turn to look at me, shake your head and keep on crawling!

When we take Buddy for a walk, you insist on holding the leash. In fact, if I forget, you demand that Buddy be under your control. Sometimes you get a little overzealous and pull him too close, lifting him off the ground. You love your Buddy soo much. A little too much.

You love hitting the kitties. Peanut takes it like a champ. Today, while Peanut was sunbathing, you pulled chunks of hair out of her coat and giggled. She didn't mind, happy to get attention from anyone, even if it hurt. Poor kitty. Piper is smarter than that, and avoids you like the plague. Don't worry, she'll learn to love you.

You love cheese and avocado and can't eat it fast enough!

When you love someone, you pat them on the back or head. Mama and Dadda get lots of pats.

When you are falling asleep, you hum. It melts my heart.

I give you a bottle at night and rock you to sleep. You stare up at me with such adoration. It is my favorite part of the day.

You are very sweet and sensitive. Tonight you bit me while I was brushing your teeth. I yelped and it hurt your feelings.

You love to dance. Yesterday you grooved to Afro-funk! It seems to be your favorite. You prefer music with a good beat.

You find puppetry to be the highest art form.

Your toys do not interest you. You'd rather play with your nebulizer, syringes, keys, paper towels, the phone, my purse, the computer, any string or cord, and my books. Your latest trick is knocking all the books from the shelf and eating the pages. I've lost half of "Gone With the Wind."

You love the neighbor dog, Stella. The way she snorts, jumps up and kisses your nose, how she plays with Buddy. You cannot get enough of her lovin.

In the bathtub, you splash like a little tsunami baby. I get soaked, the bathroom is flooded and you love every minute of it.

Everyday you charm me. You have a wonderful sense of humor, you're strong and resilient and you never hold a grudge. Even when you are feeling sick, you try so hard to be happy. I love, love, love you more than anything in the world!!! You're my beautiful girl, and mama and dadda are so proud of your courage, strength and kindness. I know that you will change this world. You are a gift. Love, Froggymama and Froggydadda


Anonymous said...

great post! jcn p.s. (i am a friend of mieke's and have left a few comments) your blog...

froggyaunt said...

This is soooo good to read, FM. I think our children teach us alot about love. And, you know, I still love 'our little frog' like you describe your love for Froggy. I was out one day and was thinking about him and my thought was "I love you because you are." There is nothing attached. It isn't because of the person he is, or isn't. It is truly just because. I need to put it into words and write him an 'I love you because you are' post. Hope you save these thoughts for Froggy to read someday! Love to all the frogs,FA

Froggymama said...

Thanks JCN and Froggyaunt. It's good to hear people are reading this blog!

rach said...

What a sweet thing for Addie to read some day. She will think it's nice untill about age 13, then it will turn her stomach, and then someday, she'll see what a wonderful, thoughtful mommy she has.