Sunday, February 11, 2007

If you dare wear short shorts

If this was a cartoon in the New Yorker, the caption above the dog would read:

"I'm a drug sniffing dog, and I just found some crack. Guess I'll be getting that biscuit soon."

As Froggy, FD and I were walking along the beach, we ran into my ex-boyfriend and his dog. No just kidding. He was just some coo-koo who thought short-shorts were the perfect accessory to a 150 pound chow. I swear that poor dog is embarrassed. Look at his face closely. It's shame I tell you, shame.


Casey said...

Holy freakin' moly! Where are the fashion police when you need them? Yowsa!

Anonymous said...

hilarious! jcn

Anonymous said...

Alternate caption..
"I do not know this human."
"Even *I* don't wanna sniff that butt!"

Very funny...
Reminds me of a song I heard a bit back.. went something like:

"Who wears short shorts?
We wear short shorts"

You know it? very funny old sounding song.

Thanks for the laugh :-)