Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Next American Idol!

This song is dedicated to all of those who donated
to Team Froggy's Legs! You ROCK!

We've already raised $4,156.00 for little Froggy! THANK YOU for donating. And thank you for joining our team! Only $20,844 more to go!

Send this website to everyone on your email address book. If ten people on your email list give $10 - that's $100, just from you! Tell the people on your email address book, to send this website to their address book. We could raise millions!!! You never know who will contribute.

Ya know that stingy aunt you have, who cuts coupons and buys toilet paper in bulk? She's just waiting for an opportunity to save 30,000 lives. Eight-five years of using industrial tp has left her a sore tushy, but lots of mula for a good cause!

I know we can raise $25,000 this year, but we really need your help. Enlist your friends. This really is about saving lives. I wouldn't ask for you to give otherwise. We would love 100 people walking for Froggy in May.

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